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Check out the Reading Counts Search Engine so you don't have to download the reading list!  Click Here  -  Another cool thing about this search engine is that you don't need to type in the entire name of the author or book to get the results.  Thanks Anne!

Here is the Reading Counts book list (8/21/01).  This list has the book lexile, reading level & point scale included.  They have been saved in .pdf format.   You must download a free version of Adobe Acrobat to be able print up the pages.  

1st Step- Download Adobe Acrobat (you might already have it.....try clicking one of the pages)
2nd Step- Click on the pages you would like to download

A word on Adobe Acrobat....Although a mildly bulky download (~8 megs), it's worth it.  The pages come out clean and precise.   Acrobat has become an Internet standard for document downloads. I am using the Acrobat format because of the clarity and speed of download.  There are many other formats such as Word Perfect, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, and the Mac word processing softwares which are not as universal as Acrobat.  Whether you are a PC user or a Mac user, you can use Acrobat.  Please do not be afraid to download this wonderful program!

Click Here to download Acrobat or click here----->getacrobat.gif (2143 bytes)

Section One has the individual pages
Section Two has pages in 10 packs
Section Three has the full 39 pages
Section Four - Percentage Grade Chart
Section Five - How this works

Section One     samp.gif (4329 bytes)

13wa-amon1 drag-ency11 lonp-mari21 shap-smok31
amos-auda2 endl-fies12 mark-moll22 snag-stac32
aunt-bego3 fift-game13 mone-murp23 stal-tbac33
behi-bloo4 gamm-gran14 muse-nigh24 tak-toni34
bloo-bumb5 gran-head15 nina-osos25 toms-turn35
bunn-case6 head-howt16 osos-pick26 tusk-wedn36
cast-city7 howt-isth17 pigm-quak27 week-whow37
clas-cuan8 isla-jour18 quee-rive28 whyi-youn38
cuck-deep9 jour-land19 road-sayc29 youn-quie39
deep-drag10 last-lomb20 sayc-shan30

4/19/02 Supplimental List!

amer-hatc1 haym-read2 rive-wres3 arti-towe4

All pages 4/19/02 Supplimental List


Section Two

Pages 1 thru 10 Pages 11 thru 20 Pages 21 thru 30 Pages 31 thru 39

Section Three

Pages 1 thru 39

Please send me some feedback!  I want to know that people can get these pages.  Is there anything else that I can put up on the Internet to make things better or easier for all of us?

Section Four

Percentage/Grade Chart

Download PDF Version of chart
Download Microsoft Word Version of chart

Regular   Honors
Points Percent Grade Points Percent Grade
40 100% A 50 100% A
39 98% 49 98%
38 95% 48 96%
37 93% 47 94%
36 90% 46 92%
35 88% B 45 90%
34 85% 44 88% B
33 83% 43 86%
32 80% 42 84%
31 78% C 41 82%
30 75% 40 80%
29 73% 39 78% C
28 70% 38 76%
27 68% D 37 74%
26 65% 36 72%
25 63% 35 70%
24 60% 34 68% D
23   F 33 66%
22   32 64%
21   31 62%
20   30 60%
19   29   F
18   28  
17   27  
16   26  

Section Five

How this works

The language arts instructor will give an examination of 10 questions to the student after completing each book. The student must answer  7 of 10 correctly in order to get credit for book points.  The points accumulate per quarter.  Make sure student alerts instructor after completed book to set up time for examination!

Please Note: This grade is only a portion of the overall Language Arts grade.

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